Business law

Victor Tse & Associates has a strong commercial law practice. Our principal solicitor has an Masters in Business Administration from Tulane University in the United States, and many years of experience in business. Victor has managed our firm for the last 13 years and previously had experience in marketing and management in the chemical industry in Hong Kong. He is the chair of the LIV Business Law Committee, which has authored standard business contracts, published by the LIV for the profession.

In addition to our own practice areas, we also act on retainer for a number of small to medium-sized businesses. These clients want the benefits of in-house counsel - intimate knowledge of your business operations and requirements, and on-demand services - without the expense of hiring a full-time solicitor. The service we provide to your business can be tailored to your business needs. Please contact us to discuss how we might help you.

Our firm's primary commercial practice areas are:

Melbourne Commercial Law